Hi, I’m Lauren!

Muddy Fingers came to life in September 2018, after a long career in global fashion buying. As a mother of two boys, I’ve found that gardening, and creating outdoor spaces we can share, has been a wonderfully connecting experience. Playing with colour, textures, form and design, I realised that everything I’d loved about fashion was present in my own garden – my passion for horticulture grew and grew. Encouraged by my fellow mum-friends, I developed our small back garden and allotment pastime into classes for every child to enjoy.

About Muddy Fingers:

Operating across Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, I run hands-on gardening classes for pre-school and primary school aged children.

At the core of all my classes, I teach children about:

  • Nutrition, cooking and where their food comes from.

  • Looking after the environment, from recycling to protecting wildlife.

  • Wellbeing and how nurturing plants is good for both physical and mental health.

  • Teamwork and self confidence in a cooperative setting.      

The pre-school classes offer fun and practical activities alongside the opportunity to incorporate numeric skills, problem solving and basic science. The children are also given a sense of responsibility, looking after their own seedlings or, for example, taking their seed potatoes home to chit. Classes incorporate literacy skills by bringing relevant books and stories into classes. When learning about and growing potatoes, I read Supertato and children create their own potato superheroes! There is always something for the children to take home form the class.

The weekend classes are held on the first Saturday of each month in the Muddy Fingers garden in Bramley and offer a hands-on gardening experience. They are suitable for children from 2 - 12 years, but pre-schoolers must be accompanied by an adult. Being a new space, there are lots of opportunities for the children to shape the design and structure of the garden. Over the coming months projects include, building a bug hotel, creating a water station, planting a bean teepee, as well as planning, sowing and growing the first harvest of the garden.

Children have a natural curiosity for the world around them. Muddy Fingers nurtures that curiosity, encourages experimentation, mess and pulls children away from their technology – even just for a little while. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get muddy!


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